Saturday, 3 May 2014

Man driving since age of 9 had failed 56 times to fill in UK licence application

A MAN who claimed he has been driving since the age of nine told magistrates in Swansea he had applied for a British driving licence 56 times — but had never been able to successfully complete the paperwork.

Salim Sheikh Khalid Saeed, aged 23, appeared in court and admitted he had crashed a car he was driving without insurance, a licence and without permission.

He also admitted failing to stop when asked to do so by a police officer.
Saeed told probation officer Sharon Griffiths he was a good driver, but had not managed to obtain a driving licence in this country because he had not been able to provide the correct paperwork.

The offences all took place on March 18 while he was driving on Mumbles Road in Swansea.
Mrs Griffiths told the court he told her he had taken his friend's car so he could go out for dinner.
He said he had not realised police were asking him to stop the vehicle because officers were travelling in the opposite direction and had continued driving, but stopped when he reversed into a pillar, damaging the car.

Mrs Griffiths said Saeed, who did not grow up in the UK, "lacks understanding about requirements of driving in our country."
Saeed received a 12 month community order and was told to complete 80 hours work and a "Vehicle Crime" course.
He also received eight penalty points and has to pay costs and a surcharge.

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