Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Cockpit Drill

To get off to a good start on your driving test, you've got to be comfortable in the car and everything must be in order. If you fail to adjust your mirrors (if needed) then you may struggle later on in the test. This could cause you to fail your test, so make sure you go through the cockpit drill!

The examiner on your driving test will expect you to:- 

·  Make sure all the doors are closed.

·  Ensure your seat and head restraint are properly adjusted.

·  Check your mirrors are properly adjusted.

·  Fasten your seatbelt. 

The examiner will also be looking to see that you make sure the hand brake is on and the gearstick is in neutral before starting the engine. 

  1. DOORS - Check they are securely closed. Make sure that any passengers have closed theirs. You are responsible for the safety of your passengers. A door not properly shut may fly open as you drive along.
  2. SEAT - Adjust it for comfortable use of foot controls and steering. Push the pedal on the far left (clutch) down to the floor. You should be able to do this without stretching.
  3. STEERING - Adjust seating position for comfortable steering. Don't get too close or you may find it awkward to let the pedal up and you could knock your knee on the steering wheel.
  4. SEATBELTS - Ensure all seatbelts are on correctly. The law requires that all passengers wear seatbelts where fitted, unless they have an exemption certificate. It is the driver's responsibility that children under 14 have the seat belt fastened.
  5. MIRRORS - Adjust your mirrors. You should be able to see clearly in the mirror with the minimum of head movement. When adjusting, hold the mirror keeping your fingers off the glass. Adjust the door mirrors to reduce any 'blind spots'. 

You are ready to switch on the engine, but before you do you have to check that the handbrake is on and the gear lever is in neutral.

That's it! Good luck on your driving test! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and i'll get back to you.


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